Analysis – The Purge

Toledo, December 26, 2023

I expressed my skepticism at the outset of my blog.

Of course, when Luis Elizondo first appeared in the media, we had no reference point from which to judge the veracity of what he was saying.

The character arrived, surrounded by a luminous and mysterious Halo, a former Secret Service employee, who had run a UFO program, before resigning, etc….

The storytelling at the outset was gripping; it brought in some interesting elements, such as the 5 observables, the idea of « transmedia vehicles » and other secret programs, and the only option we had at that point, well, was simply to immerse ourselves in its narrative, hoping to see more clearly in time.

Soon enough, the TTSA affair showed that the handle was wobbling. Especially when they claimed to have sold « UFO debris » to the American government…

The flying car deal didn’t go down well, even if it could have been imagined as a speculative objective produced for publicity purposes. But, alas, stocks had been issued, so it was a deception. People have lost their money.

And above all, Luis Elizondo was giving more and more interviews on « specialized » rather than official channels, where he was getting heavier and heavier; I (alas…) quickly classified him as a mystifier.

The main problem? Lots and lots of statements, but no proof.

But no matter, it was still interesting enough to follow, if not convincing.

What we have at least learned from this pseudo ufological wave is that many highly-qualified people, whether in science or the military, are ready to say anything and its opposite, without being embarrassed to produce any tangible evidence. The most astonishing thing is that we’re talking about people over 40 (the minimum age in life when you’re supposed to be solid enough to study Kabbalah…).


Then, the links with Skinwalker Ranch and Harold Puthoff became very awkward, especially since this person’s past with the Stargate project smelled of sulfur. You could even see the devil’s tail in it…

The Ranch thing, sorry, that was so stupid. I never wanted to get into that, even though it linked Bigelow, NIDS, the famous Collège Invisible, Jacques Vallée and so on.

Luis Elizondo had declared that he knew all these people, that he guaranteed their seriousness, and that was the collapse.

Then several world-class skeptics entered the fray, Mick West, who demonstrated that the 3 NAVY videos didn’t show much, or that NAVY sailors were filming stars and mistaking them for flying pyramids, which was rather amusing, if not serious.

I really liked Area 503, Manny, with its report on TTSA. It got a lot of people talking, but to this day it’s still the best I’ve ever seen.

Of course, other buddies came out of the woodwork as reinforcements, like Garry Nolan; I found him very interesting at the time, I translated a few articles, but he also went straight to hell with crazy statements.

Garry Nolan : Les ET sont déjà ici…

GEOL 1107 – Entretien avec le Dr. Garry Nolan

And more recently, another clown has joined the team, Tim Gallaudet. He’s a perfect match for David Grusch.

I talked about these people in my August 2023 analysis.

There are also some Youtubers I liked from their very first steps, either because they were funny, like UFO Jesus, or because you got the impression they knew their stuff, like Chris Letho. Alas, they all quickly drowned in the bias of Saucerist beliefs…

I’ve been interested, I’ve listened, I’ve tolerated, I’ve been patient, but in the end, it’s no longer possible to give these people the slightest credit, because all they do is recycle grotesque old fables, for unclear reasons, but without ever producing any proof, that’s a ufo-logical constant.

I think all these people have fired their last shots.

This has got to stop, the last domino is about to fall.

It’s 7pm…

And it’s the Hour of Purge.

Here’s the list of people I’ve decided to ban from my ufological exploratory field, for reasons of uselessness, misrepresentation, exhaustion and/or fraud:

Jacques Vallée
Jeremy Corbell
Christopher Mellon
Luis Elizondo
Sean Cahill
Brandon Fugal
Christopher Kit Green
Eric Davis
George Knapp
Danny Sheehan
Travis Taylor
Harold Puthoff
James Lacatsky
Leslie Kean
Robert Bigelow
Nick Pope
David Grusch
Garry Nolan
Chris Letho
Tim Gallaudet
Ross Coulthart
Alain Juillet
Luc Dini
Robert Salas
Tim Burchett (I’m just keeping Anna Luna because I think she’s pretty ;>)

To all these people, my best wishes for the New Year 2024.

All the best! Godspeed! It’s been a Pleasure!

But please shut up to save my time!

But who’s left?

Well, for the moment I’m keeping two of them, even if their files are pending…

David Fravor & Alex Anne Dietrich.

I don’t know if their story is true, but if it ics, it was stolen from them…

(I’ll add Kevin Day, I think he’s nice. He may just have detected meteorites…)

What will become of Ufology?

It’s gone from nothing to nothing, and should continue to do so until « they » decide to land on Earth, or at the very least send us an intelligible message. We’ll see…

But in the meantime, I wish you all the best for the New Year!